Lighting Design

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Lighting Design: More than Meets the Eye


Here at Strang, imaginative, economical and sustainable lighting design begins in the earliest stages of project development. Our experts can guide you to lighting designs that fit the task and preserve your resources – financial, human and environmental. For example, lighting ergonomics acknowledges the whole physical and cognitive being, going well beyond simply delivering a set amount of lumens to a space. Insufficient or excessive illumination means you’re working at a distinct and completely avoidable disadvantage. The simple fact remains; inefficient, ineffective lighting is too frequently the catalyst behind numerous ergonomic problems, – physical and cognitive.

Also consider that on average, your lighting system represents the most energy savings opportunity within your building. For example, an interior lighting system is both a dominant consumer of electrical energy (30% +|-) and a major source of internal heat. That said, today we can counter those numbers with a few of our own. For instance, a facility ‘s lighting renovation can reduce energy usage by 60%, raise net operating income (NOI) by upwards of 3% and improve employee comfort, safety and productivity. To achieve that level of performance, Strang lighting designers work in tandem with our energy modelers.

And finally, while a good lighting design returns maximum ROI, a great lighting design is all that, plus, an appreciation for aesthetics, an acknowledgement of atmosphere and knowing that, even in the most industrial settings, lighting can create a wow factor that sets your project apart. The fact is, you worked hard on your new space design – amortize that design investment and let lighting take your facility from workplace to showplace.

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